Dental Services

We emphasize dental care as a critical part of equine health care. GVEC offers preventative dental care for all ages as well as diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. The cornerstone of prevention is a thorough dental examination including use of sedation, full-mouth speculum, light source, dental probe, and mirror to fully evaluate the teeth and other oral tissues. Regular maintenance includes removal of sharp enamel points by “floating” for comfortable and effective chewing. Wolf tooth extraction and “bit seats” may be added for performance horses. Early diagnosis is crucial for successful treatment or correction of malocclusions, fractured teeth, and other abnormalities.


GVEC veterinarians use a variety of equipment to practice top-quality dentistry safely and with regard for the horse’s comfort. Several types of hand and motorized instruments, head supports, and digital radiology keep us current in this rapidly advancing field. Careful dental charting tracks dental problems and treatment to ensure consistency and help with planning. Dental procedures are performed at our clinic or on the farm.

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