Lameness/Sports Medicine Evaluations

lameness exam

Injury or declining athletic performance can strike any horse, but prompt examination can often prevent further damage and put your partner back on the path to a productive, happy life. Our veterinarians are skilled in assessing lameness and movement disorders. The lameness examination typically consists of:


• complete history
• musculoskeletal exam, including palpation of joints and tendons
• movement exam, including jogging in-hand, on a lunge-line, and under saddle
• flexion tests.


Diagnostic nerve and joint blocks are utilized as necessary to locate the problem area. Once identified, other diagnostic tools such conventional or digital radiography and ultrasonography can be employed to evaluate the lameness. In some cases, GVEC may refer the patient for MRI, CT scan, or bone scan in order to reach a diagnosis. Treatment plans can then be tailored to the individual needs of your horse, and may include rest or exercise modification, systemic medications or anti-inflammatories, therapeutic joint or tendon sheath injections, joint supplements, surgery, or alternative therapies like acupuncture.


Horses can be evaluated both at the farm and at the GVEC clinic in our 60’x180′ fully enclosed riding ring.

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