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Dental Services

At GVEC we emphasize dental care as a critical part of preventative medicine. We offer dental care for all of our patients at every age. The cornerstone of a preventative program is a thorough oral examination including the use of sedation, full-mouth speculum, light source, and a dental mirror.  This allows for a thorough evaluation of oral soft tissue structures and a full evaluation of the teeth.


Regular maintenance includes removal of sharp enamel points by “floating” for comfortable and effective chewing. Routine dental care will aid in early diagnosis and allow successful treatment or correction of malocclusion, fractured teeth, and other abnormalities.


GVEC veterinarians utilize many tools to practice top-quality dentistry safely while ensuring patient comfort. Several types of hand and motorized instruments are used along with head supports to achieve any corrections and for regular maintenance of the horse’s teeth. With the addition of digital radiography, dental radiographs can be performed to better aid in diagnosis and treatment of complex dental disease.  Our oral camera is a great tool to use in conjunction with our oral examination. It allows us to take images of each tooth from inside the mouth. This works well to document diseased teeth, extraction sites and other dental abnormalities. Additionally, we find that owners gain a better understanding of the problems in the horse’s mouth when photos can be used. Dental charting allows our veterinarians to track dental problems and treatment to ensure consistency and help with planning.


Dental procedures are performed at our clinic or on the farm.

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