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GVECGenesee Valley Equine Clinic was founded by Dr. Robert Pierson in the late 1960s. Dr. Pierson provided ambulatory veterinary services to the horses of the Genesee Valley and surrounding communities as a solo practitioner for several years, operating from the barns adjacent to his home in Scottsville. Dr. Pierson soon became well established as an excellent broodmare veterinarian as well as all-around general practitioner. Many long-time GVEC clients have fond memories of Dr. Pierson’s visits, for he always arrived at his calls armed with a reassuring barnside manner and a fresh joke!


Dr. Pierson expanded the practice in 1980, and in 1983 was joined by Dr. Ann Dwyer. The clinic case load continued to increase over the next decade, and the veterinary and support staff of GVEC grew. Dr. Pierson retired in 1996, having sold the practice to Dr. Dwyer in 1995. He still lives in Scottsville, and he and his wife, Nancy, are enjoying their retirement, spending lots of time outdoors, canoeing, hiking and taking care of their historic home.


Drs. Leibeck and Boatwright joined GVEC in 1995 and 1996 respectively, and construction of our current clinic was completed in 1997. The new clinic allows us to examine and treat horses as ship-in outpatients and also to keep horses overnight for medical treatment, insemination or surgery. Over the last five years we have added many new pieces of equipment and have outfitted several new trucks for our ambulatory field service. Our support staff has more than doubled with expanded clinical, administrative and technical staff. In 2000, we hired our first veterinary intern and began our post-graduate training program. Dr. Leibeck became a partner in the business in 2001, and Dr. Posner joined us that fall.


GVEC is dedicated to our community. Every member of our staff participates in local clubs and organizations devoted to equine events, environmental preservation and community service. Members of our team are involved in the Scottsville Lions Club, the Girl Scouts, the Genesee Valley Conservancy, the Genesee Valley Breeder’s Association, the Genesee Valley Hunt, the Western New York Dressage Association, the Genesee Valley Riding and Driving Club, and the Western NY Draft Horse and Pony Club. We provide on site or on call services to a variety of competitions in the region, and enjoy speaking to youth groups on horse health topics.

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