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In-Clinic Services

Our clinic is easy to find on Route 386 between Scottsville and Chili. Trailers are easily accommodated in our circular driveway.  


Safe, well bedded stalls are available for hospitalized patients.  Paddocks made of board fence provide turn out space for our patients who are not on stall rest.


Our treatment area has a set of stocks and is heated in the winter.  Working up horses in this well-lit area is nice for the horse, vet and handler.


A padded stall is used  for horses who need to have general anesthesia for short surgeries.  This provides a safe area for patients to be induced for the procedure and it is equally safe for recovery.


Lameness examination can be time consuming and are best accomplished on dry, level footing which is not always available on the farm.  Our fenced in arena has well drained footing and provides a nice area for thorough evaluation of our lame horses and horses presented for purchase.


We are able to handle intermediate care situations such as broodmare management, wound care and bandaging, eye treatments, medical colic care, and intravenous fluid therapy, for example.


Staff is on site for about 12 hours every weekday and for about 4 hours daily over the weekend..  Our intern, fellow and on call veterinarians check in on hospitalized patients as needed. Each stall can be observed by any staff member through our camera system.

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