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Radiography and Ultrasonography Services

radiologyDigital Radiographs

GVEC recently purchased a direct capture radiograph machine (also known as “digital radiography”, or “DR”). This fabulous technology also allows us to radiograph your horse at your farm. The image is captured on a computerized panel and can be seen within seconds on a laptop computer screen, right in the barn. This eliminates the delay in diagnosis, which is especially critical in the case of a fracture, as well as “re-takes”. If we are not happy with the quality or position of a view, we can re-take the radiograph immediately.







equine ultrasonic diagnostic

Ultrasonography is used to evaluate soft tissue structures. GVEC has four different ultrasound machines available for diagnostic imaging. We have a small, lightweight machine which is excellent for reproductive evaluation and pregnancy diagnosis. This machine can also be used to view large structures, such as lungs, or to evaluate swellings. We have two mid-range machines which are fine for reproduction, but have extra features and probes that allow us to image parts of the body where we need more detail, such as eyes, tendons and ligaments. We have one ultrasound designed specifically for imaging the smaller structures in the horse’s body in great detail. This machine provides an excellent image of tendons, ligaments, joints, tendon sheaths and much more. All of these machines are portable and can be used in the clinic or at the farm.

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