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GVEC’s Annual Winter Horse Health Seminar



Saturday February 1, 2020, 8:00 am to 12 noon

Wheatland Chili High School

940 North Road

Scottsville, NY 14546



This year we will take a little different approach to the auditorium presentations.  Each of the 50-minute lectures will be shared by two veterinarians.



“Myths and Misunderstandings: Getting to the Facts about Feeding, Confusion about Colic, Truths about Trauma and More!!”



Dr. SallyAnne DeNotta from the University of Florida will pair up with Dr. Amy Leibeck from GVEC to debunk some myths commonly shared by horse owners.  Dr. DeNotta is board certified in internal medicine and is currently working as a clinical professor in the large animal clinic.  Dr. Leibeck has been a practitioner at GVEC since 1995.








“Equine Welfare from New York to the Caribbean: A Global Problem- What Can We Do to Help?”



Dr. Steve Naile from The Equine Clinic at Oakencroft  to team up with Dr. Joan Ayers from GVEC. Together they will be covering topics related to equine welfare in the United States and abroad.  Dr. Naile is a regular speaker on this topic in the eastern NY area.  Dr. Ayers has just returned from an equitarian service trip, Project Samana in the Dominican Republic working with a former GVEC veterinarian, Dr. Celeste Boatwright.









Come early to enjoy the trade show! The exhibitors will display all sorts of booths with great products, information about horse clubs, and educational opportunities. Door prizes will also be raffled off at the completion of the presentations in the auditorium!

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