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GVEC’s Annual Winter Horse Health Seminar

Throughout the year we host a Winter Seminar and several Short Courses. People find these events educational and fun, so be sure to sign up early for any Short Courses that interest you.


Saturday February 3, 2018, 8:00 am to 12 noon


Our 29th annual Winter Horse Health Seminar was held at the Wheatland-Chili High School at 940 North Road in Scottsville on February 3, 2018. This popular event was offered to local horsemen free of charge, thanks to the generous support of many national and local sponsors.


This year our program included two main presentations. Wendy Vaala, VMD, Dipl. ACVIM, presented “Why Should I Vaccinate My Horse?”. Understanding how your horse can contract or transmit an infectious disease helps us to customize practical prevention strategies. Dr. Vaala discussed the risk factors that are pertinent to your horse’s situation and that help us to decide which vaccines make sense for your management program.


Dr. Vaala is a senior equine technical services veterinarian at Merck Animal Health. She is board certified in large animal internal medicine and specializes in internal medicine, equine neonatology and perinatology. Prior to joining Merck in 2004, she taught large animal medicine at the New Bolton Center, where she helped develop the neonatal intensive care unit and high risk pregnancy program. Dr. Vaala has lectured at seminars and symposiums for horse owners and veterinarians around the world.


Ann Dwyer, DVM, explored “The Amazing Eye of the Horse”. Horses’ eyes are amazing! Their eyes help them navigate ditches and streams, recognize their friends, jump incredible fences and know if we have a carrot in our hand. Dr. Dwyer’s talk covered the various parts of the eye and how it works, and she discussed what we know about how horses see. She also covered common injuries and eye problems. You will learn which breeds are prone to problems and understand how a look inside the eye can help your horse maintain his or her “look of eagles”.


Dr. Dwyer has worked at the Genesee Valley Equine Clinic for 34 years. She has a special interest in equine ophthalmology and has done research on horse eye problems within our practice population. She frequently lectures at national and international conferences, and in 2011 was named an Honorary Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology.


Our 2017-18 Veterinary Fellow, Megan Crouse, DVM,  presented an interesting case study of a GVEC patient, “Cricket: The Curious Case of a Nasal Polyp”. This talk demonstrated how cooperation with our network of veterinary colleagues enabled Cricket to reap the benefits of the skills and experience of a board certified equine surgeon right on the farm.


Our trade show exhibitors again displayed all sorts of booths with great products, information about horse clubs, and educational opportunities. We also raffled off many wonderful door prizes. The first Saturday in February is a special day on the local horsemen’s calendar. We look forward to seeing you again next year at our seminar on Saturday February 2, 2019.

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