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Short Courses

These classes are great opportunities for you to gain in-depth knowledge on a specific topic and meet other horse people from the area. The fee for each course is $8. Light refreshments will be served. The courses are interactive and hands-on, making class size limited, so be sure to call us early at (585) 889-1170 to reserve space for your family and friends.

The Places the Endoscope Can Go: A Look Inside Your Horse


Wednesday, December 12, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00 PMGastroscopy


Presented by: Loryn Smith, DVM


The endoscope is an essential diagnostic tool that can assist our veterinarians by enabling them to see right inside your horse. There are many places we can explore with endoscopes.  GVEC has a 3.5 meter gastroscope which is used for stomachs and bladders, and a 1.5 meter endoscope that is used for the respiratory tract.  A small video camera in the end of the scope sends an image to a laptop computer so that the veterinarian gets a real time image of what’s inside. There are many applications for the information gained from the endoscope images. We can diagnose gastric ulcers, respiratory disease, or bladder stones. Please join Dr. Loryn Smith for an evening discussion of all the places these scopes can go!



Children’s Horsemanship

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


4-5:30 PM


Presented by: Megan Crouse, DVM


Are you a horse crazy kid? Do you know someone who is? Do you have some pony pals in your barn? Have you ever listened to a horse’s heart? Do you know where the frog is?

GVEC will be presenting a Children’s Horsemanship Short Course this December 5. We welcome all kids, or kids at heart, to join us for a clinic tour as well as discussions and demonstrations about general horse anatomy, performing a physical exam, and testing out some of the basic tools of the trade. Dr. Crouse will be available to answer your questions and would love to hear stories of your adventures with your horses and ponies!


Parents are welcome to watch from the sidelines.

Rehabilitation Strategies To Get Your Horse Back In The Game

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


6:30-8:30 PM


Presented by: Amy Snyder, DVM


Please join Dr. Snyder for an interactive short course on Equine Physical Therapy. Whether your horse is your best trail buddy or a competitive athlete, injuries do happen! Learn how to prevent injuries as well as how to return your horse to work safely after an injury. Dr. Snyder will teach techniques you can employ at home such as stretches and in-hand and under saddle exercises. She will discuss additional techniques and modalities such as treadmills, water therapy, shock wave, and laser therapy, which can be used for optimum return to function. You will go home with some new ways you can help your horse stay physically fit and flexible for the activities you both enjoy.

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