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GVEC staff


Kathy Stein

Office Manager


Kathy has been with GVEC over 25 years.  Having transitioned through three owners, Kathy has seen a great deal of change.  After beginning her GVEC career as sole receptionist, her role has evolved.  Kathy currently oversees the daily running of the office and is responsible for accounts payable and accounts receivable.

LauraLaura Johnson

Barn Manager


Laura has been with GVEC since our hospital opened in 1997.  Laura splits her duties between in-house patient care and providing phone service to help our clients meet their horse’s needs.  Laura also oversees our student externship program.

Julie May

Clinic Assistant


Julie has grown with GVEC’s expanding needs since starting part-time in 1999.  Julie not only responds to client requests in the office, but she assists our veterinarians at farm calls.  Julie also chairs our Winter Horse Health seminar held each February.

Katy Page

Clinic Assistant


Katy has been with GVEC since 1999.  Her role with GVEC includes patient care duties and road time assisting our veterinarians at farm calls.  Katy also takes charge of our inventory management.

Kellie HustedKellie Husted

Licensed Veterinary Technician


Kellie joined GVEC in 2006 after graduating from SUNY Alfred.  Kellie performs in-house laboratory tests, tends to in-house patients, and assists the veterinary staff on farm calls.

Kristy Taccone

Licensed Veterinary Technician


Kristy joined GVEC in May 2018.  Kristy graduated from Genesee Community College.  Kristy tends to in-house laboratory duties, in-house patient care, and also assists on farm calls.


Barn Assistant


Kathy has been with GVEC since shortly after our barn opened.  Kathy cares for our in-house patients on  weekends and holidays.

Jen Cornell

Clinic Assistant


Jen has been with us almost 10 years.  Jen assists in the clinic, but is usually seen in the barn tending to in-house patient needs.

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