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Time for a Bit of Spring (Sheath) Cleaning

Clean your horse’s sheath to help keep him comfortable.

There are many good reasons why your horse’s sheath should be cleaned and examined once a year. Shedding epithelial cells and additional debris collect in the sheath, around the penis shaft, and in the small pocket in the head of the penis. This debris, called a “bean,” can become irritating to your horse and some-times cause infection. It is very important to remove the bean when you clean the sheath. The bean can become too large, resulting in your horse having difficulty urinating, or it can even become a complete obstruction, which is very painful. The penis is also a common and often overlooked area where tumors can grow.

If cleaning your horse’s sheath just isn’t your thing, or he literally just won’t stand for it, GVEC can clean it for you. Because we mildly sedate your horse, we can combine this service with most other procedures that require sedation, such as floating teeth. Please call and make an appointment for us to come out to your barn, or you can trailer your horse to our clinic for this and other procedures.